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Of the littlest bird

and what shall come?

24 July
I like France,Japan, china, England. Food is good, but I really like pizza. I love my friends, and my dog.
I'm into Lolita (Gothic, kuro, and kodona)and I like to sew and embroider. I am also known to dabble in cross dressing from time to time. I draw and am currently trying my hand at painting... I am also currently going to college.

I can't ride a bike unless both hands are on the handle bars and I'm facing forward... I also have difficulty standing up and pedaling. XD

...boys are icky...but we can still be friends. ^__^

I have wonderful hearing, but I am a TERRIBLE listener... go figure.

animals cartoons, art, classical, comics, comics and fictional novels, house rules!!!, punk, rock, techno